Quack off! Photographer gets attacked by a DUCK

A photographer was rescued from a furious duck’s savage attack by a little boy. The man, believed to have been on holiday in Morocco with a female friend, attracts the ducks rage when he leans over it and tries to take a photo.





The Muscovy duck rounds on the hapless man and begins a savage assault on his shoe. The purple-hoodied photographer stumbles backwards trying to escape the duck, but it follows him across the field.



In the video his female friend can be heard laughing as the duck backs him into a tree. A little boy runs in and rescues the man. He stands over the cross bird and scoops it up with two hands.



He then walks off with the bird which doesn’t seem to be struggling. The friend who filmed the comical event can be heard saying: ‘Oh S***, we got witnesses boy. ‘How to get onto fail army 101.’



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