That’s tutu funny! Ballerina’s perfect balance as she creates dancing illusion

A young ballerina has perfected her dance routine by adding an unusual twist that shows off her impressive skills. The dancer, from Kiev, Ukraine, begins her dance by facing away from the camera and swaying her arms as she stands on tiptoes.





She then gracefully spins around and places her hands on a stand, so that her pink gloves look like ballet slippers resting on the surface. After holding a quick pose the dancer swings her legs up and the pink tutu falls over her head revealing a face on her leotard which is similar to her own. With her legs now looking like arms, and her arms like legs, the skillful dancer moves to the music and flexs her legs making sure to keep her toes pointed.



She then delicately leans to one side with her real legs making a triangle shape as if they are arms and even removes an arm from the stand as if she is pointing out a leg. The dancer masterfully stretches her legs even further and points her hand creating a beautiful long line with her body.



She then puts one leg in front and another behind as to create the illusion of a dancer about to step forward as the short clip ends. Although coming from Ukraine, the young dancer studied ballet in Vladivostok, Russia.



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