The animals went in 4×4: Driver is spotted with two sheep, a parrot, a deer and a goat

A real life Dr Dolittle has been spotted with his animal companions on the roads of Salford. Sam Litten, 27, was on his way to a car wash when he pulled up behind a car with some unusual passengers.





Sam, who works as a senior assistant manager at the Albert Hall, could not believe his eyes when he saw two sheep, a parrot, a deer and a goat in the Vauxhall Zafira ahead of him. Sam said: ‘I saw what I thought was a dog in the back. It looked like it had a beak.’ Intrigued by what was going on, Sam, from Salford, pressed record on his mobile which was clipped onto his windscreen. Video footage clearly shows the sheep, nestled in among its furry friends, in the car’s boot staring back at him.



A parrot can be seen in the passenger’s seat in the background of the video. When the reality of what was being stored in the vehicle in front hit him, Sam burst out laughing. He also identified a goat and a deer in the car.



He said: ‘I just thought it was hilarious. ‘I have got no idea why the driver had them in the car. ‘You would think it was a farmer, but then there was also a parrot. ‘I saw the guy in the car, he just seemed normal. He looked like an average person. ‘He didn’t seem fazed by it. He seemed pretty complacent.’



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