‘Bull Pinball’ Is A Game For People With A Death Wish

Multiple injuries were reported at an event in Owensboro, Kentucky, where a bull charged through a ring full of players. This was part of a game known as “Bull Pinball,” where the last man standing is awarded $100.



The game “Cowboy Pinball” had contestants standing in the middle of the ring, trying to grab a hundred dollar bill from between a bull’s horns without leaving their assigned locations in the ring — circles outlined in white chalk.




The first bull that entered the ring with the contestants Saturday night was relatively calm, but the second bull bucked and charged, tossing people into the air.

Video of the “Cowboy Pinball” game shows a bull tossing two people in the air and chasing a third toward a railing as the man tries to escape.




Several people received injuries including broken ribs, torn ligaments, scrapes and bruises. Contestants did sign waivers before entering the competition.

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