Passenger Refusing To Move Her Bag Gets Removed In Train

She was removed by police after causing a 25 minute delay.



A female passenger sparked outrage when she refused to move her purse from the seat next to her on a crowded train bound for New Jersey.




The unidentified woman can be seen in the video refusing to move her designer bag after other passengers ask her to. She was apparently taking up two disabled seats on the train.

A train conductor then intervenes as other passengers grow increasingly irate at the woman, who appears busy looking at her cellphone. She ignores his request to put her purse on an overhead rack to free up seating space.




The conductor called NJ Transit police, who asked the woman to come off the train to talk. She complied with police and was escorted off the train at Newark Penn station. She left officers at that point on the platform, an NJ Transit spokeswoman told Patch.

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