Dead Humpback Whale Mysteriously Turns Up In The Amazon Rainforest

Here’s one for you. A dead humpback whale has turned up in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, a long way away from anywhere you would expect to find a whale. How bizarre is that?



The 36 feet long whale carcass was discovered well outside of its natural habitat, and nobody has any idea how it got there. Well, they have theories, but nothing concrete.




The animal weighs 10 tonnes and was found in a woodland area of Brazil that is about 50 feet from the sea. OK, that’s not that far, but if you were a dead whale, you would struggle to get out of the sea at all, let alone into the woods. Yet here it is…

The humpback was discovered last Friday on the island of Marajo, at the mouth of the Amazon river. It was found at a place called Araruna Beach in the undergrowth.




The best guess that the scientists can come up with is that the whole creature was thrown out of the water and up into the woods by rough seas and high tides. That could happen, but it’s still incredibly unusual.

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