Businessman’s Gold-Plated Lamborghini Goes Up In Flames On M6 After Leaving Garage

A young driver says he was nearly killed after his sports car burst into flames just an hour after picking it up from the garage following a full service.



Businessman Lak Sira was driving his prized £125,000 Lamborghini Gallardo along the M6 with his girlfriend when it caught fire.




The 22-year-old had just spent £10,000 on a full service on his treasured possession and was heading down to London for a night out when they began to smell petrol – which they were assured by staff at the garage, was normal.

However, minutes later the couple were forced to jump out of the gold sports car after hearing a loud bang and spotted flames coming from the back – they had no choice but to watch on as the blaze engulfed the flash motor.




He is now demanding answers from the garage and plans to take legal action.

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