Man With Knife In Back Walks Out Of Hospital For Cigarette

Apparently you can get through any amount of pain if you want something badly enough, as one guy demonstrated when he walked out of a hospital with a knife in his back for a cigarette.



Vladamir, 34, was at the hospital in the Russian city of Kazan after getting wounded in a ‘drunken fight’. The knife was plunged so deep that only its handle was visible.

Although staff were in the midst of undressing him, the wounded man’s cigarette craving clearly got too much for him. He told the medics he ‘had something to do’, and set off on his venture. Nurses followed him, questioning where he was going and asking ‘are you mad?’




Vladamir had to grip a railing for support at one point as the pain got too much for him, but he was determined to keep going. To try and get his nicotine fix, the patient embraced the -10C temperatures outside despite wearing nothing but underwear – though that’s definitely not the most shocking part of this story.

The painfully cold temperatures were actually probably quite useful in numbing his wound.




Vladamir had presumably hoped to get cigarette from another smoker outside, but his huge efforts were tragically unsuccessful.

A spokesman from the regional health authority in Tatarstan reportedly confirmed Vladamir had undergone surgery to remove the knife, and was thankfully in a ‘stable’ condition.

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