Angry Elephant Flips Over Tourist Raft

Dumbo teaches tourists a lesson. It must be camera-shy.



This is the moment that an angry elephant charges at a group of tourists on a tour of a Thailand river, sending them screaming in to the water.

The video, filmed by one of the party on the raft, in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, starts with the group being propelled down the gentle river by a guide.




They chat and take pictures of their stunning surroundings, but after a few seconds, an elephant can be seen ahead, using its trunk to thrash at the water.

Although it is initially facing the other way, the elephant turns towards the rafts as they get closer. In terrifying fashion, it suddenly starts to run at the raft in front of those filming. A few laughs intermingle with shrieks of terror as the edge of the leading raft just makes it past the rampaging elephant.




Screams from the trailing raft then intensify as the elephant barges in to the following group, sending them collapsing in to the water.

The video ends with the sounds of the camera falling beneath the water as its user struggles to regain their balance.

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