Moment minibus full of passengers tumbles down 30-metre cliff

This is the heart-stopping moment a minibus packed with children plummeted down the side of a 100 feet cliff edge before crashing into a river. An temporary loss of control from the driver along a road in south west China’s Yunnan Province led to the vehicle shooting off the tarmac and over the slope.





After a nerve-racking minute where there is no sign of the passengers, the four children and one adult miraculously emerge from the vehicle with no life-threatening injuries. At the start of the one-and-a-half-minute clip the white car is seen rolling down the bottom part of the cliff at alarming speed. It then thumps down into the narrow strip of water with a large splash and lays still.



One man dressed in black who appears to have his hand raised to his mouth as if he is talking into a phone is seen racing over to the upturned vehicle. Another man wearing camouflage then comes out of a nearby building and also rushes over to the scene of the crash.



Well over a minute later with no sign of the passengers, the video cuts to a group of people, including the children, safely huddled on the rocky bank of the river. The casualties, who were fortunately not in a life-threatening condition, were taken to hospital.



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