Daredevil hangs 700 feet in the air with just two fingers

This is the moment an outrageous daredevil is shown doing press-ups, handstands and chin-ups while hanging 700 feet in the air from a high-rise building.





In the footage, filmed in Stratford, London, Elvis Bogdanovs, who has done various stunts in the past, is first shown removing one hand from a support beam as he does chin-ups. With traffic flowing beneath him, he laughs as then pulls himself back on to the building and to safety. He is then shown lowering himself down the side of the building and hanging from a scaffolding pole which has been pushed through a hole from the top of the building.


He doesn’t appear to be scared as he daringly lifts one hand off the pole and jokingly cries out, before lifting himself back up on to firmer ground. In another clip, Elvis walks near the edge of another building to show the enormous drop to the road below, before he is shown again doing one-handed chin-ups.


He cheekily poses for the clicking camera by lifting one arm and waving it above his head, before swaying from side to side. In one final daring clip, filmed from above, the 20-year-old takes one arm off a metal beam as he hangs hundreds of feet in the air.



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