Skier’s headcam captures the terrifying moment he triggers an avalanche and is buried alive

This is the terrifying moment a skier is buried alive by an avalanche before he was rescued by two of his friends. A camera mounted to his helmet captures his fall down a slope in Guardsman Pass in Park City, Utah.





The unnamed skier follows a trail between trees as he makes his way downhill in the deep snow. But as he goes over a ridge, he falls, triggering an avalanche as he tumbles down the slope with the snow. He travels around 200ft in a flurry of white powder and eventually comes to a stop as the snow falls over him and buries him below the surface. The man can then be heard calling for help as he is unable to free the snow above him.



His friends Colby Stevenson and John Brown witnessed the fall and hear his screams as they dig him out of the snow. They make a pocket for him so he is able to breathe after being trapped under a foot of snow.



They say ‘We got you buddy’ as they free their friend from the snow. He replies: ‘Thank you boys. Thank you so much.’



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