Australian tourist sparked outrage in Bali for wearing a bizarre pair of jeans

An Australian tourist has sparked outrage in Bali by wearing a bizarre pair of ripped jeans that showed off her underwear. Footage of the holidaymaker walking around souvenir shops in Bali, Indonesia, wearing a tattered jeans that displayed her behind emerged earlier this week.





The video shows the woman peruse handicrafts in a crowded souvenir shop on a busy street, unaware that she is being filmed from across the street. A short time later, a man wearing a vest and flip-flops approached the woman and the pair leave the store and walk up the street with the cameraman still filming. While the man wasn’t fazed by the woman’s revealing choice of clothes, several locals gathered round the couple to express their shock at her ‘inappropriate’ jeans. The woman was later identified as an Australian tourist, who was staying at a nearby hotel.


Wayan Aziz, a local Balinese taxi driver, said: ‘I thought she didn’t know that her jeans had holes in them showing her panties. I tried to tell her. ‘But actually, it seems like the jeans were intended to be like that. I don’t think it’s a good thing to wear in public. It’s not suitable,’ Mr Aziz said.


Other locals in the strict and conservative holiday island agreed the woman shouldn’t have been showing off her backside in public.



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