CCTV captures moment barefoot have-a-go hero rugby tackles a knife-wielding car thief

A knife-wielding thief who tried to steal a car was rugby tackled by a resident wearing no shoes in dramatic footage. The clip, captured on a security camera, shows a man being chased after allegedly trying to steal a car in Hull.





An angry resident, who appears to be wearing just socks on his feet, grabs the thief and pins him to the pavement. And just seconds later a woman leaps over to help him hold the opportunistic thief down as they try to wrestle the knife out of his hand. Police, who were patrolling a nearby area, swiftly arrived and arrested a 32-year-old man, according to Hull Live.



Residents have praised the quick-thinking actions of the man who tackled the thief to the ground.



Police arrested the man on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle, possession of an offensive weapon, possession of drugs, going equipped to commit theft and a public order offence of causing fear of violence.



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