Raged biker breaks off victim’s car wing mirror to beat him with it

Police are searching for a road rage attacker who was caught on camera punching a motorist in the face after breaking off his car wing mirror and using it as a weapon in Spain. The angry biker walks up to the red Renault before trying to break the driver’s window with his fists and elbows, before ripping the wing mirror and smashing the glass during the attack in Barcelona.





He then assaults the driver with his fists and the wing mirror. The attack happened in the Avinguida Meridiana, a major avenue in the Catalan capital spanning parts of the city’s northern districts. Police revealed today they had the names of the owners of the car and motorbike, but were still trying to track them down to see if they or someone else was involved. The horror incident is believed to have happened on Tuesday night. A spokesman for the regional Mossos d’Esquadra police confirmed: ‘We are still investigating and have identified the registered owners of both vehicles involved in this incident but have yet to speak to either.’ The force tweeted: ‘We are investigating this incident and have identified the motorist. If you know or have information about the driver of the car, please tell us.’



Well-placed legal sources insisted today the biker could end up facing an attempted murder charge, although they said it would be up to a judge to take the decision. A witness told local press the Renault had been changing lanes and had braked in front of the motorbike. He said: ‘You could see this coming. There was a moment before they stopped at the lights where the assault happened, when the Renault driver braked with the motorcyclist behind him and seemed to put him in danger.’



Because the police have not yet made contact with the Renault driver, it was not clear today whether he had suffered serious injury. The footage shot from a vehicle behind them showed him managing to drive off as the biker paused his ferocious assault.



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