Woman Calls Cops Because Her Pup Got Humped At The Dog Park

A white woman calling 911 on a man because his male dog humped her male dog at the dog park. According to Franklin Baxley, the woman decided to call 911 after she believed his dog assaulted hers with an ‘aggressive hump’.



Insisting he immediately pulled his dog away, the pair became ensnared in a heated exchange when the woman asked Baxley to leave the park – and he refused.

Another person at the park can be heard saying: “That’s inappropriate for the dog park”.




Moments later, it was Baxley’s dog got humped in return.

He told Yahoo: When the woman came in, my dog Dusse ran over and humped hers, so I immediately removed him and apologized, explaining that he’s a puppy. She said, ‘I think you need to leave because your dog keeps doing that.’ I said I wasn’t leaving and she took out her phone and called 911. It escalated quickly.




Attleboro Police eventually arrived on the scene, and said both parties were reasonable and understanding. When asked if the woman’s use of 911 was justified in the circumstances, the Sergeant replied: ‘We have a motto written on the sides of our cars: no call too small.

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