Python Slithers Into Gran’s Bedroom And Bites Her As She Sleeps

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night convinced that something’s just touched you, but usually that’s just a fleck of dust or, at worst, a mosquito. But what about a massive python? Erm, NO THANKS.



Kaew Sudsopha, 75, was lying in her bed sleeping when a sharp pain in her foot woke her up.




In footage from a CCTV camera set up by her son, Nakorn, you can see her foot dangling off the edge of the bed as the huge snake inches closer to her bed from across the room – its eyes glowing, which of course isn’t creepy at all.

Her son came rushing into the room and turned on the lights, before managing to chase the snake away from his mum.




When rescue workers arrived at the house, they found the snake curled up on the toilet seat in the bathroom. They then dragged the python outside, before bagging it up and taking it off to a holding centre – where snakes can be logged before being returned back into the wild.

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