Longhorn Bull Accidentally Deflates His Ball, Has The Deepest Sadness

Well, if this isn’t the most relatable thing we’ve seen all week.



A really sweet, rescued long-horn bull named Tex at Ima Survivor Sanctuary in Cleveland, Texas was having fun chasing after his big red yoga ball across an open field. Unfortunately, Tex was not aware of the barbed wire fence at the end of that field.




The footage, filmed in February at a sanctuary near Cleveland, Texas, shows the bull tossing the ball around a field with his 36-inch horns. It starts with Tex prodding the ball, before he pushes it to his filming keeper, who kicks it further away for him to chase.

Tex accidentally bumped the ball into the fence and then adorably pouted when he realized that the ball was no more.




Luckily, Tex has other toys he can play with while his ball is being replaced.

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