Footballer Attacks Player With A Razor Blade

Derby matches in football are notoriously feisty affairs, with tempers often reaching boiling point. However, things went a step too far over the weekend when one player was reportedly attacked with a ‘razor blade’ during a match.



The bloody clash happened during a 1-1 draw between bitter rivals Amed SK and Sakaryaspor in the Turkish third division and saw one player slashed across his neck by an opposing number.




According to reports in the Mirror, Amed SK player Mansur Calar had apparently managed to carry a blade onto the pitch and attacked Sakaryaspor midfielder Ferhat Yazgan twice.

The first attempt was during the pre-match handshake when he allegedly took a swipe at the player, and then again during the game itself when he reportedly targeted Yazgan’s neck, leaving bloodied slash marks.




The 26-year-old shared a photo to his Instagram page, showing the aftermath of the alleged attack.

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