It’s pawing down! Labrador jumps for joy after seeing rainfall for the first time

This is the adorable moment a dog saw rain for the first time and started jumping for joy. Bella, a two-year-old Labrador Retriever lives in Cape Town, South Africa, which has faced a serious drought and she had never seen heavy rainfall. So when the gutters began overflowing when the drought was broken, the young dog discovered just how much she loved water.





The hilarious footage shows Bella running through the rain open-mouthed and jumping up into it in a bid to get as soaked as she can. The cute video went viral on Facebook where it was shared and liked almost 11,000 times and viewed more than 400,000 times.



Owner Chandré Schell, from Durbanville, Cape Town, said: It was so funny watching Bella run through the rain, you can hear that I can’t stop laughing in the video. ‘She was so excited. She’s an excitable dog anyway but she really loved this she clearly loves the rain. There was a very serious drought in Cape Town. We have not had a rainfall like that in a very long time.



She was just a puppy when we had her so this is the first time she saw rainfall. The gutters were overflowing with all the rain and she was so excited about it. She was as happy as the Capetonians were for the rain that day. Even the animals felt the joy of rain! I just had to film this amazing moment. Our English Bulldog, Charlie, just sat at the door looking at the rain. Even he was surprised but he wouldn’t go near the water.



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