Heroes save nearly 30 whales stranded near beach

The residents of Stewart Island, New Zealand, jumped into action when nearly 30 whales became stranded in the shallow waters at one of their beaches.



In the footage, the whales can be seen getting closer and closer to Lonnekers Beach having originally been swimming among the boats of Halfmoon Bay.




The whales came slowly into the shallows and some then became stuck as they tried to turn, even flipping upside down.

Fortunately, the residents were able to push the large animals back out to sea, giving this story a happy ending.




Stewart Island residents witnessed a similar situation last November, only with a different outcome, as 145 pilot whales died due to a mass stranding at the island’s Mason Bay.

This time, however, residents were ready for the incident late last month, which was captured on video and film by Jess Kany, the editor of the Stewart Island News, and Laire Purik, of Lairka Photography.

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