Karma finally catches up to rude drivers

It can be tempting to break the rules of the road when stuck in traffic on a highway. But these impatient drivers faced ‘instant karma’ when they were pulled over by cops for using the shoulder in Doswell, Virginia.


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The clip, shot on February 28, shows a backlog of cars barely moving after an accident on the I-95.

But a flood of vehicles can be seen taking to the shoulder to bypass the queue.




Yet after the accident is cleared and cars return to normal speeds, a line of vehicles remain at a stand-still in the shoulder.

Virginia State police can be seen walking between the cars, which includes three hatchbacks, three SUVs, a truck and a van.




The car in the accident appears to be in nestled in a thicket of trees on the left side of the road, with its nose in the hedge and its door swung ajar.

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