Truck Challenges Lamborghini To Race, Surprises Everyone

We’re not sure what they’re putting in the trucks in Minnesota these days, but damn.



A driver put his old truck to the test against a top of the range Lamborghini – and ended up zooming ahead of the 217mph car.

The clip, filmed in East Bethel, Minnesota, shows the truck driver lining up for a race with a motorist driving the sleek orange sports car. As they drive side by side on the highway, the truck driver can be seen signalling to the other to prepare for the race.




The driver in the Lamborghini holds her hands up to the window and counts down from three with her fingers.

Both drivers put their foot to the pedal on full throttle but the truck quickly zooms ahead of the sports car.

The truck’s engine rumbles as it leaves the Lamborghini behind which appears to be desperately trying to pick up speed. As the passenger films the sports car, which can go from 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds, the driver shouts ‘Unbelievable!’.




The driver said: ‘I had seen the Lambo at a couple local car shows. Me and my best buddy had just recently rebuilt the whole truck. I asked the Lambo owner if we could set up a race. We talked a few times and a month or so later we met up for a race. I pulled the truck out went down the road and we raced.’

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