Woman Rescues Boyfriend By Knocking Bouncer Out With Kick to Head

An Angry woman rescues her boyfriend with a kick to the bouner’s head, knocking him out. She’s ride or die.



According to police, the woman who assaulted the bouncer during last weekend’s Folly Gras event has been arrested.

The Folly Association of Business decided to discontinue future Folly Gras events after a number of isolated incidents Saturday.




Video of one fight during the annual festival went viral on social media. It shows a bouncer attempting to detain one event attendee by wrestling them to the ground.

It then shows a woman walk up to the pair and kick him in the head, knocking him conscious.




That woman, 22-year-old Taylor Renee Nealey, was booked at the Al Cannon Detention Center Tuesday. She was later released on a $10,000 surety bond.

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