Son Floors Man ‘Harassing’ Ill Mother On Doorstep With One Punch

Two protective brothers have taken action after someone allegedly harassed their ill mother.



CCTV footage recorded the incident which took place in Middlesborough, North East England, on Sunday (March 3).

The video shows the mother, who suffers from fibromyalgia, stood outside her front door with two men. A car pulls up in the street and the woman’s son jumps out of the vehicle after he sees the men apparently harassing his mother and her young granddaughter.




The son, who was returning from football practice, is seen confronting the man, knocking him to the floor with a left hand to the jaw.

The loud commotion outside wakes the second brother, who was asleep upstairs, and he joins the action out on the driveway. He grabs the man on the floor and drags him out onto the street, causing his trousers to fall down around his knees.




According to the Mirror a Cleveland Police spokesperson said no crime had been reported in relation to the video and no arrests had been made.

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