Busty barbecue goddess becomes sensation for flipping meat

A Taiwanese ‘barbecue goddess’ is attracting hundreds of visitors to a local barbecue joint after becoming a viral sensation. The former model, Ruo Yan was filmed by a diner who than shared the two minute video which has now been viewed almost 21,000 times.





The busty beauty is seen rushing around serving customers and taking orders at the Alishan Highway stall, which gets a lot of passing trade from cyclists. Wearing a low-cut black shirt and jeans, the camera focuses on the curvy cook as she flips meat and serves food.



She has since become a tourist attraction herself at the scenic mountain spot, Shanhaiist reported. Ms Yan is a member of the Tsou, who are the indigenous people of central southern Taiwan.



When she isn’t modelling or working in the performing arts industry, she returns home to help out at the barbecue shop.



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