Hot line! Worker’s mobile phone bursts into flames in his pocket

This is the horrifying moment a man’s mobile phone exploded in his pocket leaving him with smoking trousers and a burned leg. The man was working in a hardware factory in Sakinaka in Mumbai, India, when smoke started to pour from his jeans and a video shows him frantically trying to pull the device from his pocket.



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CCTV footage captured the frightening incident and shows the phone exploding before fellow factory workers run away. Smoke starts to pour out of his trouser pocket as he instantly jumps to his feet and throws his phone to the floor. The other workers in the factory dart out of the way while the phone appears to explode.



Plumes of smoke are seen pouring out of the phone as it lies on the floor while surrounding workers try and get away as quickly as possible.



The unnamed man was left with burns to his leg. A local source said: ‘The flames were later extinguished by pouring water on it.’



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