Mechanic stops bungling thief who attempts to steal mountain bike

A mechanic stopped a bungling thief who tried to swipe a £6,500 bike from a shop he thought was empty. CCTV footage shows the brazen thief sneaking into Cloud 9 Cycles in Bloomsbury, London, on Wednesday and eyeing up the expensive bikes.





The hapless crook spots a Yeti mountain bike worth thousands of pounds mounted on the wall. Footage shows the thief swiping the bike and hesitating for a moment before making a run for the door. But the bungling thief is unable to get the bike out of the shop quick enough before a mechanic comes running to stop him.



Workshop mechanic Billy Dye, 23, sprints to stop the man who drops the bike immediately and flees out the door. The mechanic said he had been watching the thief on CCTV who had not realised he was obscured behind a wall.



A Metropolitan Police said inquiries were ongoing into the ‘shoplifting’ incident at around 6.15pm on Wednesday.



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