Now that’s a gym high! Daredevil fitness fanatic climbs out on a tower block ledge for a chest dip

This is the nerve wracking moment a daredevil does a chest dip off the side of a high rise building. After walking along the edge of the tower in Bangkok, Thailand, and easily stepping over a gap in the wall the man suddenly comes to a stop.





He taps two concrete blocks to make sure they’re stable and sits down to dangle his legs over the edge. The man then eases himself over the side of the building and looks down at the sheer drop under his swinging feet. After three dips he moves his legs out to the the side of the concrete beams and pulls himself back up to the building’s roof. He then walks back along the edge of the building towards his girlfriend who is also recording the stunt, which happened in May 2018, on her mobile phone. Before the clip ends the man, who is wearing grey and has a red support bandage wrapped around his wrist, walks along another beam in the middle of the roof.



He then jumps onto a higher level and takes a large step towards the edge again but wobbles slightly, before quickly regaining his balance. The man looks down on the tiny houses and trees before putting on his hat and getting down from the edge.



The daredevil said: ‘This is one of the frames of my daily footage. On this day I was shooting the same video with a bicycle on the edge of the roof, and this shot is my warm-up for training. ‘I often go to Thailand and shoot exciting videos. My operator is my girlfriend, she goes with me to the roof and records camera stunts.’



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