Exhausted horse collapses in the street while pulling tourist carriage in the Philippines

An exhausted horse collapsed in the street after pulling tourists in the Philippines around in a carriage. The grey mare was dragging a wooden cart used by holidaymakers during blistering 32C temperatures when it fell to the ground in Manila City last Saturday.





Shortly after dropping off its passengers, the horse appeared to have been exhausted from its work and overcome by the heat and pollution in the city. Locals said she started staggering and was whipped by the coach driver to try and make her perk up. A passing motorist, Jay David, captured the heart-breaking moment the horse fell to the ground and was pulled up by her master.



Video footage captured by the motorbike-rider’s head camera showed the distressed animal lying in the busy road and the cart it was dragging along tilted to one side. As the bike got nearer the cart driver tried to get the horse to its feet and managed to drag the horse up.



The horse appeared unsteady on its feet as the owner tried to help it stand and them carry on walking in the road.



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