Police chase team of three robbers stealing from phone shop

Two mopeds can be seen parked outside the phone store as Buttery stands outside talking to another one of the gang who is inside the shop. Suddenly a police car with its flashing lights on appears and Buttery races to his moped as Ventham and Adolfess quickly crawl out from the store.





As the officers approach, Ventham manages to get onto the back of the moped ridden by Buttery and both drive off. Adolfess then comes out of the shop and tries to run from officers. One of the officers follows him and manages to get him on the ground. He is Tasered, detained and arrested and his mobile phone is also seized by police. Ventham and Buttery are seen coming back up the road to try and help Adolfess escape on the CCTV, but quickly flee.



The police officer who chased them is then seen running back up the road towards the other officer who is detaining Adolfess while holding a large black bag. Officers from Operation Venice, which tackles moped enabled crime, connected the defendants to a linked series of similar offences.



The team searched premises across south London and found CCTV footage and phone evidence which linked Adolfess to six other incidents. Analysis of his phone linked Ventham to all of the offences and Buttery to the last incident.



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