Road rage moped rider instantly regrets smashing driver’s window

Shocking footage shows a motorcyclist smashing a pick-up truck’s window with a slab of concrete in a road rage incident. But before the furious man can flee the driver retaliates and, with the help of another motorist, yanks him from his bike and beats him to the ground.





Other road users then intervene and pin the motorcyclist down in the central reservation of the road in Hat Yai, south Thailand until police arrive. Dashcam footage captures the moped driver, wearing shorts and flip-flops, flying into a rage after being honked at during the incident at midday on Monday. In the five-minute clip, the furious driver flings open the Nissan’s car door and stands there waving his arms. Then, when he goes to leave, the Nissan driver and a bystander surround him and punch him in the head.



They wrestle him to the ground, take him off his moped and grab his bag. As many as seven bystanders then turn up to help. Four help restrain the infuriated moped driver against concrete blocks on the road’s central reservation.



When they relax a little, the driver lunges out again, causing one bystander to swing him to the floor and pin him back against the concrete. The driver who recorded the fight said it started because the moped rider was angry that the truck has used its horn at him.



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