Woman Finds More Than 40 Dead Cockroaches In Takeaway Meal

Finding unwanted stuff in your food is to some degree inevitable, whether it’s a hair in your soup (usually one of your own) or a piece of kitchen foil stuck to a chip. But there’s a line, right? You wouldn’t want to find a cockroach in your meal, for instance… let alone 40.


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That’s what one woman in China claims happened to her recently, having found more than just a few of the insects in her takeaway meal.

The unnamed resident of Chenghai District in Shantou City – which is in South China’s Guangdong Province – had ordered a braised duck dish from an unidentified online food delivery platform. She’d been eating with pals when one of them found a dead cockroach in the dish, reports said.




The woman says they removed the cockroach (probably a good idea, really), and then started inspecting the tainted duck a little more closely.

As the group delved further into the dish, they found carcass after carcass of dead cockroaches tucked up inside, with mobile footage filmed by one friend showing everyone using their chopsticks to pick out the nasty critters.




The woman then said she complained to the restaurant that had made the food, before also reporting the case to the police – who are now investigating together with officials at the local Food and Drug Administration.

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