Duck Swallowed By Giant Glory Hole Survives 200ft Fall

Incredible video footage has emerged that shows a lonesome bird being sucked into a giant ‘glory hole’ in the middle of a reservoir.


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The video was shot at a place in California called Lake Berryessa. In the middle of this lake – it’s not actually a lake – is a huge spillway known as the ‘Glory Hole’. It’s a 200ft drain that is meant to catch water when the reservoir starts to overflow.

The footage was captured by Rick Fowler, who is the water resources manager for the lake, in Napa County. He spotted that the hapless bird was floating closer and closer to the huge, swirling hole and started filming.




Fowler managed to capture the moment that the bird went over the edge and disappeared down into the gaping vortex.

The video has since been shared on social media by Rick’s cousin Tori, who captioned the video: “Duck took a wild ride but did make it out on the other side!”




Now, not everyone is entirely convinced that the bird did eventually make it out the other side. Despite that, Fowler insisted that the bird flew off after the ordeal. It simply went to the bottom of the 200ft dam, emerged on the other side – presumably feeling a little flustered – composed itself and flew off.

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