Cyclist is chased by hooded thugs who throw an ‘axe’ at him in shocking video

Here is the despicable moment a group of young thugs turn on a passing cyclist, viciously chasing him down a bike trail while throwing a weapon at him. The incident took place around 2pm on Saturday on the Fallowfield Loop bike path in Gorton, Manchester.





The off-road cycle path and adjacent Yellow Brick Road pathway has become notorious for crimes against bikers with 21 attacked in the last Autumn, according to figures from Walk Ride Greater Manchester. The four hooded men, with their faces hidden, can be seen spinning around to ambush the cyclist from behind after he passes the group.



The footage was captured by a camera cleverly mounted on the cyclists bike. Peddling down the path at full speed the cyclist eventually out paces the thugs pursuing him on foot.



Four teenagers, nicknamed the ‘yellow brick road gang’ by locals, were arrested for attacks on cyclists before Christmas and are currently on bail.



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