Cafe Customers Soaked As Aquarium Breaks Open And Floods Them With Water

Hilarious video footage has emerged that shows the reaction of a few punters in a café when a huge fish tank cracks and pours a whole heap of water out all over the place.



Picture the scene, you’re sitting enjoying a lovely coffee, perhaps even a wee scone, in a nice café.

Suddenly, your peace and tranquility is shattered as the glass front of an aquarium that takes up pretty much the whole back wall of the establishment cracks through, divesting its contents all over you, your mate and the floor.




Well, that’s exactly what happened to two blokes in the city of Niksic in Western Montenegro. The whole incident was recorded on the café’s CCTV.

But what about the fish in the aquarium? Surely they wouldn’t be too happy with that development, either?

Rest assured that no fish were harmed in the making of this video. According to an employee at the café – called Café Macka – the fish tank was empty.




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