Tenant from hell evicted after holding all-night parties and terrorising her neighbours

A foul-mouthed council tenant screamed and swore at police officers today as she was finally evicted from her Newcastle home, ending months of misery for her neighbours. Stephanie Pringle, 36, blasted deafening music from her residence on the quiet street at all hours of the day and night and unleashed tirades of verbal abuse on fellow residents who dared ask her to turn it down.





Visitors she brought to the house viciously threatened her neighbours and her months-long campaign of anti-social behaviour was so extreme that residents called the police but even a police officer was assaulted at the address. On another occasion, a fire was started in the garden of the property by a visitor and the fire service was refused entry to put it out. Now peace has come again to the street in Shiremoor after North Tyneside Council for the first time in its history enacted a full closure order and evicted Pringle. She screamed foul-mouthed abuse at police and the press as she was led away, approaching one cameraman threateningly to say: ‘Wait til I kick the camera out of your f****** hands’. On Thursday Ms Pringle, who had been repeatedly warned about her behaviour, was finally asked to leave the property.



Today photos showing the state in which she had been living emerged, showing a collapsed ceiling, rubbish strewn throughout the home, mould-covered crockery and rubble covering the floor. Officers from North Tyneside Council and Northumbria Police told her they had a closure order from court and were going to shut down her home. When the team went inside, they found a large section of the kitchen ceiling had collapsed and rubble was lying on the floor.



The rooms were messy, some with piles of clothes thrown on the ground and one with unwashed dishes and pans lying in the corner. The bins in the back yard were full, and broken glass and debris lay on the floor. The council boarded up the house and the locks were changed.



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