Should that be SPILL rapper? Mased rapper forgets he’s wearing a balaclava as he takes a sip of water

This is the hilarious moment that a drill rapper spilt water down himself after forgetting he was wearing a balaclava on BBC Newsnight. The rapper, Drillminister, was on the current affairs show to discuss Britain’s knife crime crisis.





But when Labour politician Stella Creasy was in full flow discussing the the bloodshed, he ended up with a damp hoodie. Apparently forgetting that his face was covered, Drillminister, who was also wearing a hood, black gloves and dark glasses, picked up a glass and brought it to his mouth to take a sip of water. He instantly realised his mistake when water dribbled down his chin and on to his clothes.



The cameraman also appeared to notice the awkward moment, as he panned across to the rapper as he tried to drink the water. Sitting up, the embarrassed musician put his glass on the table while the other panellists appeared not to notice.



The footage was later spotted by Twitter user Lincoln Jopp, who said: ‘When you forget you wore a balaclava to appear on @BBCNewsnight.’ The hilarious tweet has since gone viral with 38,000 likes and 12,000 retweets.



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