Terrifying moment bikini-clad women are washed away by a massive wave while taking photos

Footage has captured the terrifying moment a massive wave washed away two bikini-clad holidaymakers posing on a dangerous rock. The women throw caution to the wind for the perfect Instagram shot at Devil’s Tear, a popular tourist hotspot on the south end of Lembongan Island at Bali.





Mobile phone footage shows the friends standing close to the edge of the rock as they set up to take a photo. One woman turns her face away from the sea and towards the camera, with massive waves breaking metres away in the backdrop. As her friend crouches down to take the photo, a wave comes crashing against the rock.



The pair stagger as the wall of white foam comes crashing down and almost takes them off their feet. ‘Oh she’s still got the camera,’ a woman off-camera says. ‘There’s a bigger one coming.’ Moments later another wave comes crashing down, more ferocious than the last. This time around the women are much less lucky and are swept across the jagged rocks with the water.



Other holidaymakers on elevated ground can do nothing but watch on. Devil’s Tear is a popular destination for tourists with its tide pools a hot attraction for many visitors. Cliff jumpers also frequent the holiday spot for its scenic and beautiful views.



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