Brutal moment three girls punch another in the head and kick her in the groin in a horrific attack

This is the brutal moment that three girls punch and kick another girl in a horrific attack ‘sparked by jealousy over a boyfriend’. The girls set upon the victim as a small crowd gathers, while others film the attack on a street in West Yorkshire.





The unknown victim is held down by two girls while another girl in a white jumper repeatedly punches her in the head before kicking her in the groin. It is not known when the attack took place. Wearing no shoes, the victim tries to defend herself by raising her hands above her head, but is over powered by the other girls. Blood-curdling screams are heard during the struggle in which the victim’s hoodie is pulled off as she tries desperately to free herself from the grasp of her attackers. They finally let go of the girl and walk away, as the victim pulls her jumper back on.



The incident in Leeds attracted a crowd of onlookers who yelled: ‘Give her, give her, give her,’ and ‘More, More More’. The incident on Tuesday is believed to have been sparked by jealously over a boyfriend. The victim was pinned against the wall by two women.



A blonde woman in a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots then lays into the captive with fists and boots. After the beating, she stalks off, glaring at the camera and adjusting her hair as the victim cowers in terror.



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