Confused Beaver Becomes Unexpected Leader Of 150 Cows

Rancher Adrienne Ivey, who lives in Ituna, Saskatchewan, uploaded the hilarious footage to Facebook with the caption, “How do we move 150 heifers in Canada?”



Her husband, Aaron, learned when he was out checking on their cattle one day that the answer is beavers — who are, apparently, the best herders around.




He watched, perplexed, as all the cows grouped tightly together behind a lone beaver, waiting for it to move. He and Adrienne had never seen this happen before, so they just had to record.




When the beaver moves, the cows follow closely behind. Then, when the tiny critter stops, they do the same. “These young heifers are kind of like a teenager,” Adrienne later explained. “They’re very curious creatures and they were just enthralled by this beaver.”

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