Wheelchair-bound man caught hitching a ride on the back of a truck

A bizarre scene unfolded on a highway in Salvokop, South Africa, when a driver witnessed a man in a wheelchair hitching a ride on the back of a truck. It’s unclear if the driver was aware of his passenger.



The video shows the man in a wheelchair hanging onto the back of a truck as it drove down a highway in South Africa in February.




He holds on for quite a while before deciding he was about to miss his exit– so he lets go of the truck and exits the freeway.

Tshidaho Dzhavhelo shared footage of the incident to Twitter on March 5. He told Storyful that part of that road is at a slight incline, so the assistance from the truck was most likely very appreciated.




The man is believed to be from Pretoria with some social media users saying this was his usual “mode of transport”.

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