Hero’s daring rescue of child trapped on pipe just inches above raging river

This is the astonishing moment that a brave man rescues a child stranded on a pipe just feet above a raging river in South Africa. The footage shows the unidentified man straddling the pipe over the Jukskei River, in Johannesburg, to get to a small child who is sat helpless in the middle.





Just below the pair is a torrent of water and the man has to balance himself to avoid slipping off the pipe. Watching on are a group of cheering people on the bridge above. When the red-shirted man gets to the boy, he manoeuvres round them by putting his foot on a concrete pillar which is supporting the pipe.



He then gets in front of him and the child clambers on to his back. With safety in their sights, the pair then shuffle along the pipe as whistles of encouragement and claps from the crowd grow stronger.



When they near the river bank, a man in a black shirt walks down to meet them. Claps and cheers rain down on the pair when they finally get to safety.



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