Traffic of-FENCE! Mobility scooters transport fence panels on main road

This was the hilarious moment two mobility scooter users moved fence panels along a busy main road. The footage, taken on Ellis Way underpass in Grimsby, shows the two people carrying four panels on the front of their scooters.





But the daring duo did not secure the wooden boards and had to hold on to them while weaving in and out of traffic. The video was taken from a car stuck behind the scooters as they pulled into the middle of the road before turning on to Holles Street. The woman recording them seems unsure whether to laugh or be concerned as she says ‘what the…’ followed by fits of giggles.



The male person in the car, who appeared to be the driver, said: ‘She’s got her handbag.’ ‘He added: ‘What on earth is going on there.’ The clip was uploaded to Facebook with the caption ‘Only In Grimsby’. It has been shared more than 6,000 times and had more than 650 likes and 100 comments.



Some people commented, ‘I’ve seen it all now’ and ,’why are people like this where I live?’ One man advised people who struggle to pass their driving test to do the same. Yet some Facebook users were unhappy with the scooter drivers.



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