Wind Blows Over A Semi-Truck In Amarillo, Texas!

As a powerful “bomb cyclone” bears down on parts of the United States, destructive winds are causing havoc across multiple areas, including in Amarillo, Texas.


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Strong winds which hit the US state of Texas on Wednesday also affected power lines and snapped power poles, leaving over 100,000 households without electricity. Moreover, several enterprises and households suffered major damage.




Strong gusts of wind over 70-miles-per-hour turned over a tractor-trailer on Wednesday, when the heavy vehicle was driving on a highway in Texas.

The extreme wind event was caught on camera as the semi was traveling down a Texas highway. You can see the trailer lift up off the ground and take the cab with it before they both come crashing down on the side of the road.




Wind gusts of up to 75 miles per hour were reported in the area. Thankfully no major injuries were reported from the crash.

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