This Dog’s Terrible Agility Course Run Is Hilarious!

Kratu is an extremely good rescue dog that’s extremely bad on agility courses.



Kratu, you see, has spent the last two years competing in agility courses at Crufts, the annual dog show in England. But Kratu is no Rudy the bulldog or Holster the Australian shepherd. No, Kratu is just here to have fun and ignore the course, which means he just wins everyone’s hearts while also joining legends of having fun like Winky the bichon frise and Mia the beagle.




In a video that just came to our attention from the 2019 Crufts, Kratu ignored the obstacles and just gleefully ran around most of them.

He bounded over the hurdles he wanted to bound over and ignored the others, took wide and leisurely detours from the course to sniff the laps of human strangers, repeatedly returned to a particular tube obstacle and repeatedly refused to leave it.




Sometimes, his owner told Crufts’ website, Kratu does very well on his agility courses. Other times, as above, he does something else.

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