Pucker up! Diver comes face-to-face with a shark and it KISSES him

This is the breathtaking moment a diver comes face-to-face with a large blue shark – before it appears to give him a kiss.





In the extraordinary footage, captured last week during an expedition off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, marine scientist Kevin Schmidt is shown hanging motionless in the water as the shark approaches him. On reaching him, the animal puts its mouth to his head and appears to touch his goggles with its tongue. After getting a taste of his goggles in what looks like a kiss, the shark carries on its journey.



Mr Schmidt, who works as an environmental consultant in Cape Town, then looks a little baffled as he tilts his head and raises his hands to the camera. He later said that the moment was something to ‘treasure forever’.



The footage was shared on Instagram by photographer Steve Woods, who works in marine conservation, where it has been viewed over 20,000 times.



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