Tumbling like dominoes! Jaywalker triggers a chain reaction when he tries to climb over a traffic barrier

The last thing jaywalkers want is for everybody on that street to stare at them. A man who tried to take a shortcut while crossing a busy road in China was caught in one such awkward moment when he caused a massive traffic barrier to collapse.





The railing comprised 30 separate traffic barrier which were tied together, according to local traffic police. The road user was attempting to go to the other side of the road by climbing over the railing between traffic lanes. But as he mounted the temporary fence, he lost balance and fell backwards.



One of his legs was stuck in a gap, which caused the entire railing to collapse from the middle. He tried to lift up the railing and put it back to place, but failed. The incident took place last month on Yuehua Road, a thoroughfare in the city of Shenzhen in southern China.



The police said the pedestrian walked away after the failed jaywalk attempt. The police released footage of the incident today on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, to warn the public of the danger of disobeying traffic regulations.



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