Eagle Picks Up A Golf Ball And Plops It Into The Hole To Secure A Guy A Hole In One

We don’t care what the rules say, the universe wants this man to have his damn hole in one.



A dog may be a man’s best friend, but as it turns out, a bald eagle is a man’s best golf partner.

A video has emerged on social video this week showing the winged predator help a golfer score a hole in one on a Canadian course. In golf, a hole in one occurs when a ball hit from a tee finishes in the hole.




In the video, the large black bird plays with the golf ball on the grass for a few minutes before spreading its wings and taking flight while still clutching the ball in its talons. Then, the bird lets go of the ball, which falls directly into the hole.

With the eagle safely out of the way, the golfer, who appears to be Irish based on his accent, approaches the hole and points the camera to capture the ball resting inside.




The man later said that it was his first ever hole in one. Unfortunately for him, it did not count.

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