Aussies Drive Straight Into A Creek And Somehow Make It Through

Their car ended up full of water, sure, but also full of memories.



A group of Welsh tourists were left holding their breath as they watched an Australian attempt to cross a river in 4WD.

Footage uploaded by ViralHog captured the Toyota Hilux slowly backing up on land, before fearlessly driving through a creek on Blacksmiths beach in Lake Macquarie in New South Wales’ east.




At one point, the front half of the 4WD was seen plunging into the water and only the top half of the vehicle could be seen.

The 4WD eventually pushed through the waters and onto the sand, as the Welsh tourists and two other Australian friends of the driver cheered on his incredible effort.




The reckless driver walked out of his car soaked on the bottom half of his body. Parts of the 4WD were covered in seaweed as water poured out.

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